What Size Boxing Gloves Should I Get?

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So, you’re interested in taking up boxing and now you need to get some gloves. You’ve found a few options that interest you, but what size do you get? Does size really matter?

Whether it’s just training or you intend to compete, having comfortable gloves will not only make you feel good, but it will enhance your performance as well. There are a few things that you need to consider before taking the plunge and making your purchase.

I’ll go over the main concerns to keep in mind when you’re choosing and hope you’ll finish this guide feeling more confident in making your decision.


Importance of Proper Fit

Nobody wants a pair of boxing gloves that are either too snug or too roomy. It’s not only uncomfortable, but it can defeat the whole purpose of wearing gloves, which is offering hand protection during training and fights.

In order to perform to your maximum ability and ensure that your hands are protected, properly fitted boxing gloves are an absolute must.

So how will you know if they are going to fit properly? A general guideline that most gyms, coaches, and fighters use is by your weight class.

For example, if you’re on the lighter side (between 100 and 130 pounds), then you’ll want to stick to gloves that are 12–14 ounces. If you’re on the heavier side (170 pounds and above), then a pair of 16–18-ounce gloves will suit you better.

You need to be sure that your gloves are large enough in padding and weight so that they will protect your hands, but not too big that they inhibit your ability and accuracy.

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Consequences of Ill-Fitting Gloves

We all want to be as comfortable as possible during any type of workout, including boxing, so it’s always best to have the right equipment. Don’t think that you can get away with any old boxing gloves. It’s not just the size that can give you grief, they can cause some other issues that you should be aware of.



Anyone who has endured it will agree that chafing is the absolute worst. While it typically happens on your thighs and groin, it can present itself anywhere on your body.

Because it happens when skin and skin, or skin and clothing, rub together, with ill-fitting gloves, this can certainly show up on your hands and wrists during and after a training session.

It usually presents itself when moisture is involved too, so when you’re guaranteed to be working up a sweat, that doesn’t help matters much either. Having properly fitted gloves, made with breathable fabric, too, will ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.



Just like when your shoes don’t fit well, blisters can also develop if your boxing gloves don’t fit you correctly. A bad blister can be really painful and put you out of action for days. Another good reason for taking care when you choose your boxing gloves.

As an aside, blisters can also occur if you don’t wrap your hands before using your gloves, so make sure you also invest in a good hand wrap to help protect against this.



Wearing gloves that are too big for you can lead to bruising. This is due to your hand bouncing around inside the glove. A glove’s shock absorption will only work well if it is fitted well. Having air in the glove can seriously reduce their shock absorbing properties.


Damaged tendons and bones

Another major issue that can arise with ill-fitting gloves is damage to your tendons and bones. If your hands are constantly being squeezed or jolted around because your gloves are the wrong size, or your arms are taking extra punishment due to poor shock absorption, this can result in some serious nerve issues later on.



Know Your Hand Size And Shape

Depending on the design of the boxing gloves, you may also need to take into consideration how big or small your hands actually are. Weight class is a good guide, but we are all different shapes and sizes, even our hands!

You’ll want to make sure the fit feels snug on your hands and wrists, but not to the point where everything starts to feel scrunched together. The ideal fit should feel as natural as a bare fist.

It’s not just us guys who enjoy boxing as a way of keeping fit, so bear in mind that many manufacturers will state whether or not a glove will fit both a man and a woman’s hand, or if there are different options for each sex.

However, this isn’t always the case, so it’s a good idea to check. A great way to know for sure is to look for reviews from both sexes, to see how the fit suited them.

While out shopping, it’s always a good idea to consult with an expert too. Staff in the sports stores should know how to help you find the right style and fit for your hands to maximize comfort and performance.




Before you add boxing to your training regime, finding the correct glove size should be a top priority. After all, your boxing gloves are going to be your main protection during your workout.

Making sure the boxing gloves are the right fit for your hand size, weight class, and shape will ensure not only maximum physical comfort but mental comfort too.

Comfortable gloves will also help you stay in the right headspace, to get the most out of your workout.

Don’t be afraid to consult with an expert while out shopping, the staff in these sports stores are there to help you make sure you choose the right product to best fit your needs.

Are you now feeling a little more confident in your quest for the right size boxing gloves? We hope so. Write to us with any suggestions, questions, or concerns in the comments, and we’ll make it a priority to help you.

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