Heavy Bag Workouts

brown heavy bag punching

Did you purchase a heavy bag and are now looking for efficient workouts? Or maybe your gym added this type of bag and you’re wondering what to do with it? Heavy bag workouts might be one of the most effective exercises out there. While you get to work on your striking technique, you improve strength, … Read more

Punching Bag Workouts for Women

female boxer workout heavy bag

Boxing used to be a sport almost exclusively dedicated to men. Today, however, more and more women are using boxing as a workout, whether as a hobby or as a profession. If you’re wondering what the best punching bag workouts for women are, read further. Although the exercise benefits might be the same, a heavy … Read more

Speed Bag Workout

speed back drills

At first, many novices struggle to keep up the pace with the tiny ball. Lighter than other boxing equipment, speed bags bounce back at a very rapid pace. They’re typically used to complement heavy bag drills rather than used in isolation. The best boxing speed bag workouts described below should help you improve your boxing … Read more

Boxer Strength Training

woman boxer in gym with weights

Weight training for boxers is subject to many heated conversations. A few fighters are convinced that heavy muscles impact punch speed. Others declare that, by learning the right strike technique and the proper boxer strength training, velocity won’t be affected.  Both statements can be accurate in different scenarios, and we explain the how and the … Read more

How to Hang a Heavy Bag

brown heavy bag

Honing your techniques utilizing punching bags hanging at your gym is a quintessential part of striking skill development. Hanging bags provide a heavy-duty workout, with the bags designed to withstand powerful punches and kicks. Installing one at home gym, however, isn’t always straightforward, and may require some guidance.  Although most bags weigh 70–100 pounds, some … Read more

Simple & reliable Muay Thai Combos

muay thai drills

Are you looking to diversify your Muay Thai combos? Are you searching for the best and most efficient combinations?  Having some basic boxing knowledge should certainly ease your task in completing these combos. Muay Thai drills, however, vary from boxing in various ways. Not only do you use your fists, but your legs, knees and … Read more

5 Benefits of Speed Bag Training

man punching red speed bag

Speed bag training is as iconic as heavy bag training. But what does a speed bag actually do for your boxing skills?  Smaller and lighter, they allow different types of drills. Rather than strength, they help you improve your boxing speed and accuracy. Nevertheless, they provide an excellent workout where your joints and muscles aren’t … Read more

Punching Block

boxer block stance

While mastering how to throw punches is critical to winning a bout, learning how to block them is equally important. Beginners tend to be more excited about learning how to punch than to block. A couple of broken noses, however, generally turn them around. A proper stance, a sense of observation and the correct blocking … Read more